About Us

Since 1999, BayFirst has been focused on being the premier bank of the Tampa Bay area. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, we’ve grown our independent community bank into a top nationwide SBA lender, with a nationwide team of more than 200 residential mortgage originators - but we never lose sight of our neighbors and communities in the Tampa Bay area

These three divisions: CreditBench (SBA Lending Division), Residential Mortgage Division and Community Banking Division, allow us to follow a bold vision and deliver uncompromising customer service. Through these divisions, we fund the small bakery down the road, welcome the family dog into our branches, help your aunt get the vacation home she’s dreaming of and keep everyone connected to their finances on a daily basis. Because, no matter how much we grow, we’re still focused on what’s next for you.

Since 1999

Here for What’s Next

Three Divisions Serving You

Our Story

We continue to grow, but our focus remains singular – helping each and every one of you with whatever comes next.

We proudly provide additional services like the TrendSetters Club for members 50 years or older to socialize and gain insights to their financial health. Our CASH Kids Club sets up the next generation with smart banking basics and interactive technology; and our NuStart Checking account program is designed to help those in difficult credit circumstances get their banking back on its feet. We also offer VA loans to help those who served get settled into their dream home. These are just a few of the programs we’re proud to offer.

Our strategy has been focused around building national caliber services while staying true to delivering our personal-service experience. So whether you are a branch customer, a business customer or a home buyer, you will find that BayFirst takes pride in delivering a quality banking experience.

So, should we get started on what’s next?